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Before I went to Paris I ordered a pair of Chloe boots from Net-a-Porter. This was not the first thing I bought there, I had lost my mind before for a YSL Turquoise Arty ring.

For years and years I’ve been following the incredible selection of Net-à-Porter but never had the courage to break the taboo (of buying from there). And I’m telling you girls: there are  doors that should remain closed and buying at net-a-porter was one of them! Since then, this once intangible online shop became “reachable” and now…go wild in a shopping spree is always hanging by a thread.

The whole website is addictive to say the least,  I think it’s because it reads like a fashion magazine and all you want to do is browse and buy, browse and buy, browse and…You got the picture.

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with net-a-porter’s customer service and shopping experience.

Receiving the net-a-porter order in 4 predictable steps:

Receiving a Net-a-porter order, the order is Chloe Black Boots

  1. First off, the shipping speed is extremely impressive. I’ve never seen nothing as quick as that.
  2. I  received the order, opened my ugly card box to find a stylish white Chloe box inside, with a net-a-porter ribbon.
  3.  Inside this white matte box were my boots, wrapped in tissue paper. They completely came up to my expectations!
  4. I run to the mirror to try them on and think that I could get used to receiving an order from net-a-porter every single day! he he


Receiving a Net-a-porter order, net-a-porter tag for returns

When and if you need to exchange your product you must not remove this tag.

Receiving a Net-a-porter order, the order is Chloe Black Boots

Photos by Blasfemmes

Ta-Daaaa! Are they lovely or what?

What I like the most about net-a-porter is that you can’t go wrong, from the fashion savvy to the most careless of fashionistas (or you had to put an effort on looking bad).

The prices of net-a-porter are no bargain, we already know that, but from my personal experience we’re likely to find great deals if we wait for a sale!

Did you ever shop @net-a-porter? Did you also have a good experience?




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