Giveaway: Chanel Summertime Nail Polishes (all three!)

I think I never shared this on Blasfemmes, or perhaps I didn’t share it directly, but I’m a huge fan of (read: MAD ABOUT) Chanel Nail Polishes.

So, I did a previous giveaway of Chanel “June” and Chanel “Lotus Rouge” and this time I’m doing an even more appealing giveaway…or at least even I feel appealed!

Repeating a Chanel nail polish giveaway? Too much of a good thing? Not for me! And I’m sure not for you too! :)

Chanel Delight #607 is a high-sparkle complex bronze gold.

Chanel Island #597 is a soft opalescent pearly beige with a subtle but natural sheen.

Chanel Holiday #617 is an orange-coral.

These nail polishes are lovely and perfect for Summer! Actually I already own Holiday and Delight.

Photos by Blasfemmes.


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  • The giveaway ends at 5th July, at 24h00. Winner will be chosen randomly.

Will you resist these? :P


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