Animal Print Addiction Disorder

What is it with me and leopard print?

I have such a major penchant for animal print that I think I may have a disorder which unables me to resist to it.  Something like APAD – Animal Print Addiction Disorder.

What happens when the average love for animal print turns into a more serious condition like Animal Print Addiction Disorder?

…Probably this:

Pile of Animal Print Clothes Leopard Print.
Pile of Animal Print Clothes Leopard Print.

Here are 10 warning signs that may signal the disorder known as APAD. Check if you can fit in the “Diagnostic Criteria”:

  1. You really can’t resist animal-print although you pile more than enough  animal-print clothes/accessories in your closet;
  2. You can not recognize that these impulses towards animal-print are irrational or excessive.
  3. Cheetah ballerinas? Check.
  4. Leopard-print skirt? Uh-hum.
  5. Snake-Print Blouse? Have it.
  6. Zebra-patterned shoes? Errr…yeah.
  7. There’s no TABOO when it comes to the use of leopard print. You could have it in make-up/nail art/home-décor and the list goes on.
    Leopard print make-up by Dior, Helena Rubinstein and Sephora.
  8. Your reaction to the images above was: Why didn’t she mention the leopard print cupcakes?
    Leopard Print Cupcakes

    Gabby's World

    (Don’t cry…)

  9. Even your pets are showing signs of distress: does the family cat have a animal-print themed collar?
  10. Animal Print Addiction hotlines recognize your voice and are hanging up on you.
Pile of Animal Print Clothes Leopard Print.

Photos by Blasfemmes

If you have 3 or more of these symptons you may as well suffer from Animal Print Addiction Disorder.

The question is: Is there hope for the women obsessed with animal-print? Therapeutically I can tell you that there’s little to nothing you can do about it! Just…WEAR IT WITH CAUTION!

At this point, research is still being done to determine whether having wayyyy too many animal print items is really a bad thing.

Are you ladies familiar with this disorder?

….Meow? ;)

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  • GabrielaFortuna on 24.04.2012 at 5:56 pm:

    I have just realized that I suffer from APAD!!! More? I love it …

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